50 Years Teaching Guitar & Bass Lessons in Worcester, MA!

Make learning to play easy and fun. Join thousands who have learned to play at Clemente!


Lessons for Adults and Children

We give lessons to students of all ages, adult and children, at all levels from beginner to advanced. We have lessons by the hour or half hour, ranging in price from $25 per half hour to $60 per hour.

What Style Do You Want To Play?

You have heard your favorite player play and decided you wanted to master their style and sound. Your lesson programs are built on a foundation of Rock, Blues and Jazz, both electric and acoustic.

Clemente Alumni

When you study at Clemente, you will join thousands of other players past and present, that have made or are making music all over the world. Become part of an exclusive group of guitar and bass players!

featured icon Lessons Built for You

We provide lesson programs based on your goals, current level of play, style choice and learning style. When you come to Clemente, we want your experience to be fun, but also rewarding. Learning to play guitar or bass is challenging, but it doesn't have to be dull. We want you to start playing the music you like right away. There is no "Mary Had a Little Lamb" here. Unless you want to play Mary Had a Little Lamb.

featured icon Educational Content

Our website features all types of content, including videos and our blogs, giving you access to online lessons and helpful hints, making your learning journey more enjoyable and productive. We have a rich history of learning, teaching and performing. Our blog is filled with insights from our collective experience that we hope will make you a better player, improve your sound and enhance your performance.

featured icon Instructors

Our instructors come from varied backgrounds and musical style. All of us are committed to helping you achieve your musical goals. We understand that our students are different stages of development, have different goals and learn in their own way. Each instructor is unique but offers a similar philosophy. You create your lesson program based on your style preferences, current level of play and the pace you want to learn at. We create a lesson play and teach you how you want to be taught.

featured icon Alumni

Thousands of students have come to Clemente to learn how to play guitar and base. Many have gone on to establish their musical careers that span the globe.