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Guitar Technique is As Much Right Hand as it is Left

December 5, 2013 by Blog, Technique No Comments

Build your chops by focusing on your right hand technique.

When guitarists think about building “chops”, they are so often focused on building their left hand. But think about it…the right hand is responsible for nearly all guitar activity!

Over the next few weeks I will be writing about right hand practice techniques and plectrum concepts which I found helpful in my own playing.

Some topics will include:

  • Speed With Consistency
  • “Rest Strokes”
  • Height of Pick Attack
  • Pick-to-String Angle
  • Pick Shapes and Tone
  • Acoustic Resonance
  • “Forearm Semi-Circle” Stroke

Let’s face it, speed without consistency doesn’t sound very good.  Even if your left hand is moving a mile a minute, your speed will only be as fast as your right hand can accurately pick the strings.  Putting tapping techniques aside, assuming you want to actually pick the strings, your right hand is as important if not MORE important when trying to build your chops.

Additionally, your right hand, because it controls how the string is attacked, is going to produce a sound quality that will be either really good, or really bad, depending on how good your technique is.  With or without a pick, if you are weak in your attack, your sound will be weak.  Seriously, do any of us want to sound weak?

Over time I expect to expand this topic as well as get some posts by other teachers and players.  I love sharing discoveries with other guitarists and hope you’ll weigh in with a few of your own.


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