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What qualities should you look for in a guitar teacher?

March 27, 2014 by Blog 1 Comment

Maybe a better question is, “What are your goals for learning to play the guitar?”

If your goal is to just learn your favorite song, chances are you don’t need to pay a guitar teacher. It may be a waste of your money as there are plenty of online, FREE, resources that can help you with this.

But what if you want to get past learning a few of your favorite songs? What if you want to take your play to a different level?

Well, then you need to consider engaging the services of a high quality guitar teacher.

Here are some things to take into consideration:

1. Learning the latest rock songs from the teacher is a huge waste of money! If your teacher gives you ONLY (see below) the newest songs that you bring into the lessons, you probably are being ripped off.

2. A great teacher will give you TOOLS that can be used in a variety of settings. Expect to learn something new each week that can be applied to different styles. If your teacher does give you songs, they should be used as teaching tools.

Your teacher should explain how and why the song works. Things like form (introduction, AABA, ABAC, Coda, etc.), common progressions, strumming patterns, music theory and other elements specific to the tune should be pointed out and explored so that these elements don’t remain “tune specific”. Some elements you learn about THIS song should be applied to OTHER songs… the teacher should “connect the dots” for you.

3. Be pro-active! Ask your teacher if they have a vision for where they can take you. Ask for mini-goals you can expect to meet along the way. Be sure their vision and yours is compatible.

4. All lessons should involve some demonstration or playing together. BUT your teacher should not be spending YOUR time to show you how good THEY play!

5. Think about it. Your teacher holds your artistic future in their hands. Is this someone you can trust? Can you build a long-term relationship with this person? Do you like them? What is the “vibe” in the lesson?

6. A great player is not necessarily a great teacher.

Make sure your teacher treats you with the respect that you deserve and that they have a method for helping you develop your own unique musical voice on guitar.

Ask for the best, and accept nothing less!

You deserve it. You really ARE special. You really DO have something unique to offer the guitar world.

GRAB FOR IT with the help of a great teacher !!!

One comment on “What qualities should you look for in a guitar teacher?

  1. on March 27, 2014
    Bill Brown says:

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