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Right Hand Guitar Technique – The Hybrid Style

December 5, 2013 by Blog 2 Comments

Use fingers and a pick for the best of both worlds.


What is a Hybrid Style right hand?

I use what is called a hybrid style, in which I use a pick, but also use my 2nd, 3rd and pinky fingers to get a
combination of picking and finger picking styles.

How does it work?

When using this technique, I will hold my hand in a tradition finger style position and hold the pick between my thumb and first finger, thus replacing my “thumb”. Although I loose the use of my first finger it gives much more flexibility in switching between single note lines and comping.

How does it alter my chord playing?

For chords, my pick will be used on either the 6th or 5th strings, with my 2nd, 3rd and pinky covering the 4th-1st strings. When hitting the strings together this creates a sound more like a piano, where all the notes can be hit at exactly the same time in contrast to a straight strum. It also becomes easy to change the top note by changing string combinations in my right hand, thus giving more melody options.

Playing Arpeggios

In addition, this style also allows chords to be played in an arpeggio style or the ability to separate the bass from the rest of the chord, giving much more playing options from the same left hand position. This can be applied to all common left hand forms and gives more flexibility and variation on familiar patterns.

Play around with this a bit and hear the difference.


2 comments on “Right Hand Guitar Technique – The Hybrid Style

  1. on January 17, 2014
    Diego Von Buron says:

    I have viewed your performances previous you are very good how would a new student approach the achieving of such excellence as you have possessed

    • on January 18, 2014
      VM says:

      Hi, thank you for the comment. I would suggest starting off slow and simple, using an easy chord progression such as G-C. The top note will be your melody “line”, experiment creating different melodies over the same chord patterns using different combinations of strings, thanks Paul

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