Paul Courchaine – Jazz, Rock, Blues Guitar for Begginers and Advanced Players.

Paul Courchaine teaches guitar lessons in Worcester, MA.

Paul can be reached at:

Paul Courchaine has been playing guitar for 16 years and teaching for 9 years. As a high school student he studied under Rich Falco, before going on to the University of North Texas, where he earned his degree in Jazz Studies. He currently teaches through Auburn, West Boylston, Wachusett and Holy Name school systems and plays in various band around Worcester including Craig and Tyra Penn Quartet.


Whether I teach beginning or advanced students, I strive to teach information that is practical and that the student will enjoy. Lessons should be fun and interesting as much as they are useful and advancing to the student’s individual performance. I try to encompass the learning of songs, reading, improvisation and technique into all levels of my students, and take great pleasure in helping my students along their individual paths of learning music.

I teach a variety of styles from jazz, rock and blues and all levels from beginning to advanced, including all age levels.

For my beginning students, I use common rock and blues songs for the student to learn fundamentals such as single note lines, chords, simple scales in addition to basic music reading. With more advanced students I use a variety of materials that are tailored to the individual student.

paulMy students are generally those who are just starting off, or have been playing for a short while. I try to get the beginning student basic knowledge or the instrument and most importantly, excited about playing the guitar. I also teach a number of intermediate players who are looking for a solid foundation in reading, theory and improvisation as a bridge to study with more advanced teachers.



Teaching Schedule
Mondays from 5-8
Saturdays from 9:30-2


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