You can learn multiple styles on bass and guitar at our studio in Worcester, MA.

Robin Steiger took lessons and taught at Clemente Studios!

The instructors at Clemente Studio teach a diverse variety of musical styles, while some instructors specialize in specific areas. Jazz, rock and blues form your foundation and allow you to explore other styles including folk and classical music. You also can pick amongst players styles in each genre of music. If you want to learn how to tap like Eddie Van Halen, no problem. If you want to shuffle like Stevie Ray, no problem.

Paul Courchaine
Paul Courchaine
I teach a variety of styles from jazz, rock and blues and all levels from beginning to advanced, including all age levels.
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Rich Falco

rich falco

I specialize in teaching various jazz styles including Bebop, Hard Bop, Cool Jazz, Fusion and Modern Mainstream.

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Joe D’Angelo

Joe D'Angelo

Jazz, blues, country, classical, and rock.

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Dan Hunt

dan hunt

Rock, blues, country, jazz, and folk.

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