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32072_121825381184001_5647021_nOpen since 1963, we are located in the heart of Central Massachusetts at 43 Granite Street in Worcester. Our website is devoted to providing you all the information you need to create your lesson program. We are also committed to presenting our collective experience in teaching, playing, studying and performing music. Lessons we learned along the way of our own development we will share with you.

Our studio is comprised of smaller separate and private studios, giving you or your children a very comfortable environment to learn in. There is a comfortable waiting area for parents who want to wait while your child takes a lesson. The waiting area also offers students waiting for their lesson a chance to practice a little bit more.

Lesson Programs

clemente 1We offer packages for adults and children of all levels and style types. We also offer packages to help performers perform better, high school students prepare for music school and equipment junkies get the sound they want from the equipment available to them. Our approach in all of our programs is to define a schedule that fits your needs and goals. We want learning to play to be fun, educational and rewarding.


Styles You Want to Learn

celemente 3We want to teach you what you want to learn, and the way you want to learn. Our instructors have varied backgrounds including educational, performing and teaching styles. Some have a heavy focus on Jazz while others are experienced in teaching pop, rock and blues. There are also styles within styles. If you want learn Eric Clapton style blues or pick things up with Stevie Ray Vaughn, we can get you there. Wes Montgomery or Joe Pass? Take your pick. (no pun intended)



clemente 2


Our Instructors come from varied backgrounds and experiences and bring all of it to your individual learning program. Each has their own teaching style, but all share a common philosphy … your lessons are created based on your level of play, your style, your goals and aspirations and the pace you want to learn.





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