Clemente Studios has been teaching guitar and bass in Worcester, MA since 1963.

Peter Clemente - Music StudioLiterally, thousands of guitarists in Central MA have been influenced by founder Peter “Pete” Clemente. Fortunately for guitarists, Pete made a decision early in his career to stay local, and refused several offers to travel with national ensembles of varying size. At age 16, he did a weekly radio broadcast which was syndicated nationally.

He became the most active guitarist performing in Central MA with trios, quartets, big bands and pit orchestras, all the while, developing his teaching practice. Due to his ubiquitous presence throughout New England and technical virtuosity, it was easy for him to attract students of all levels.

He eventually opened “Clemente Music Studio” in 1963 in Worcester and hired additional teachers (usually his understudies). Clemente Music Studio has relocated three times, but always remained in Worcester (43 Granite Street, being its present location), and attracts guitarists from throughout New England.

There has always been a fierce loyalty amongst Clemente Music students, often performing together or “networking” nationally. Such is the reputation of this longstanding institution that a mere mention of the name indicates a student with serious musical intent.

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