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What do our students have to say about their experience at Clemente?

“I’ve been a Clemente student for several years. As a jazz guitarist, I get lots of theoretical, artistic, and practical nourishment via lessons here (I’ve also met many other fellow musicians). Staff here are both professional players and educators, as well as nice people. Rich Falco is the real deal when it comes to music and jazz guitar. Highly recommended”. – jkangas

“The teachers at Clemente Music Studio are a couple of the best musicians around. they’re low-key, top-quality teachers and performers who pack an incredible amount of experience and insight into each lesson, and they present it all with enthusiasm and humor. They’ve met and worked with people you’ve heard of, and they want to pass that experience on to you. The studio is quiet and comfortable, a small building in a nice neighborhood. There are usually parking spaces available in the small lot. This is the most effective and enjoyable place to learn guitar in Massachusetts.” – meuphys

“I’ve been a student of Clemente for over 20 years. Guitar is a hobby of mine, but I get professional grade instruction from Rich Falco and a former teacher at Clemente, who we all hope comes back, Robin Steiger. I admit, I don’t practice as much as I should or could. That doesn’t stop Rich from finding the right format for our lessons, as challenging as it can be for him to do so. I love the blues. Rich knows this and focuses our time together exploring both simple and sophisticated applications for blues guitar. We even learn how to apply other styles to a blues framework. Lessons at Clemente are not just about learning a song or a riff. It is a study of music principles applied to the guitar. It’s also really fun!!!” Vin Messina

Joe D’angelo was the best teacher! What a top notch musician and all around great person! Julie

I didn’t learn how to play the guitar at Clemente Studios-I learned how to REALLY play. After 20 years as a chord strummer I decided to get serious and that’s when I hooked up with Joe D’Angelo. I regret not doing so sooner. The instructors at Clemente are experts in their fields and all around great guys. – Patrick

I am a harmonica player who started playing as a young teenager. I was a fan of blues players like Little Walter, Paul Butterfield, and Charlie Musselwhite. I played by ear, listening to records. At 20, I was given a chromatic and needed to figure out the theory of music scales, chords, etc. I called Clemente Music Studio. For years I studied with Rich Falco, who is not only an excellent guitarist and teacher of the instrument, but a master of jazz theory. He taught me the nuts and bolts of music — how to pull it apart and put it back together. Mr. Falco taught me everything from rhythmic studies to sight reading, from the rudiments of harmony to composition. Additionally, I had the opportunity to put it into practice in the many jazz workshops that he offered. I also studied songwriting with Joe DAngelo and had the good fortune to have written songs with him. I continue to marvel at his writing ability, output, and constantly evolving creativity. The Clemente Music Studio has always been a welcoming place. After years of study, I eventually became a teacher of the harmonica at the studio. I always felt like I was part a special group of music educators, people (friends) who cared about learning as well as teaching. The arts is a magical, integral, powerful force in any culture. Establishments like Clemente Music Studio make communities better places to live. We are all fortunate to have such an institution in our midst. – Chester

I studied guitar and music with Rich Falco at Clemente Music for probably close to half a dozen years and cant say enough good things  about my experience there. The vibe at Clemente was always warm and friendly and I subsequently became friendly with other teachers and musicians alike. I felt not only like I was a member of the music community but treated like family. Rich Falco is probably one of the best guitarists and teachers I have had the pleasure of working with and his knowledge of the guitar and music in general is profound. I was never a very technical player but just had a love for music that Rich  greatly encouraged and helped me develop.  He helped me hone and grow my skill set a rhythm guitarist, songwriter, and performer. Perhaps more importantly, he helped me develop my own voice as a musician and build my confidence to share my music with the world. He is one of the best teachers in any area of study that I have had the pleasure of working with and beyond that he is an amazing human being.  I consider Rich family and would recommend him and Clemente Music with 1000% confidence to anyone looking to up their game at their musical instrument. – Matt Wade of My Silent Bravery

“How long can someone dream about being able to play guitar?  I did  for over 20 years!  My only wish was to be able to read music and make some music on the guitar.  All the best musicians I knew pointed me  toward Clemente’s Music in Worcester.  I feared that any teacher I worked with would see how unskilled I was and I would be uncomfortable. Finally I took a leap of faith and began studying with Rich Falco in 1985.  Not only did he make me feel musical and talented  but he made the lessons a pleasure and inspired me to play  more than I ever had.  In short time I was reading music, playing blues, jazz  and classical and playing in an ensemble.  We even performed in public frequently in a unique guitar ensemble I was proud to be a part of. For the rest of my life I now  have  the incredible gift of guitar skills beyond my dreams and the pleasure of playing music with all  kinds of people.  Perhaps even more important, Clemente’s is so personalized that I have  made lifelong relationships with these extraordinary people and memories that will last a lifetime. Chances are if you see a great guitarist in this region they might have  studied at Clemente’s.  If you see a great guitarist with a smile on his face you can be sure they studied there.” – Brian Barlow


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  1. on January 16, 2014
    Patrick says:

    I didn’t learn how to play the guitar at Clemente Studios-I learned how to REALLY play. After 20 years as a chord strummer I decided to get serious and that’s when I hooked up with Joe D’Angelo. I regret not doing so sooner. The instructors at Clemente are experts in their fields and all around great guys.

  2. on March 7, 2014

    As soon as learning how to play blues classical guitar, the initial thing you have to do is learning the normal important techniques such as bending, vibrato, muting, as well as sliding methods.

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